4 Hot Wedding Videography Trends

January 30, 2018

In recent years wedding videos have taken a massive leap from dull and uninspiring, to exciting and dynamic. Due in part to advances in technology, and in part to improved filming techniques; you can now have a wedding video that Hollywood would be proud of.

1. A Wedding Trailer

Just like the trailer for a new film, your wedding trailer is designed to be high impact and to wet your guests’ appetite for the feature length version. It should include glimpses of the highlights of your wedding, showing just enough to leave your guests wanting more, and should be set to a rousing soundtrack. Post your wedding trailer online and include a link to it in your thank you cards. 1 min Instagram trailers are getting more and more popular, here are some samples: https://www.instagram.com/belindavideoproductions/

2. Aerial Videography

Capturing your day from a higher perspective and  creating breathtaking images is a great way to add a WOW effect to your wedding video. Drone shots can capture dynamic, illustrative videos and images that display the scope and scenic context of your event. Are you tying the knot on a mountainside, vast valley or other stunning location? Imagine looking through your wedding album on your 20th anniversary and having a sweeping aerial snapshot of your venue. So cool! It’s an amazing way to take full advantage of the gorgeous space you chose.

3. Same Day Edit

It’s exactly what it sounds like: Your videographer will shoot the entire wedding and then edit a short video that you can show to your guests at the reception. Think of it as an extra interactive reception element. Here is one we did last summer: https://youtu.be/IFohw6t3JGw

4. Raw Footage

As the wedding videos get shorter and shorter, more and more brides want to see all the footage that was captured during the wedding day. It’s a good idea to have all the footage saved on a hard drive for a later editing day. Maybe a year or 10 years from the wedding you will want to see what else was there. Maybe you will want to make a new trailer or a shorter or longer edit. The options are endless once you have all the material to work with!