Meet The Founder

December 3, 2019

How it all began

Zane VetraZane Vetra is the founder of Belinda Video Productions.  She was born in a small European country Latvia and moved to New York when she was 17 years old. Unlike her girlfriends who always wanted to go shopping for new clothes and shoes, Zane was more interested in checking out stores like Best Buy, B&H and buying computers, cameras, lenses and editing software.

Beautiful Linda=Belinda

Zane Vetra

When her niece Linda was born, she started editing her home videos and really enjoyed the process of adding the music, text, transitions and making the videos presentable and enjoyable to watch.

Schools and Training

Zane VetraIt was time to take her  hobby to the next level and go to UCLA to study Film and Television professionally. During the school years she started working at one of the most successful wedding video production companies in Los Angeles as a video editor. This was the time of intense learning, many hours of editing, re-editing, understanding story telling, choosing the best shots, flow of video, audio, music and color correction.

After finishing UCLA she moved back to New York and was confident enough to start her own wedding video production company. It was time to choose the name and since her beautiful niece Linda was the reason for getting into video production, she put together words: Beautiful and Linda and named her studio Belinda Video Productions.

First Year Of Business

In the first year of business, she did about 5 weddings, but it was her own clients, and the pressure to make the video perfect was high. She hand-picked her team of videographers and trained each of them individually to match the expected shooting style. She still does 100 % of all the editing and controls all the client relations.

She accepts a limited amount of 20 weddings per year to provide personalized attention to each couple. She approaches each wedding with excitement and huge responsibility making sure all the details, locations, and times are confirmed and that nothing gets missed. She listens to each couple and their expectations for the video to make it perfect.


belinda video productionsToday she is an internationally recognized wedding filmmaker with clients in Europe and the USA with 100 % of positive reviews and the best relationships with past clients who keep in touch and post updates about their lives via social media regularly.

She feels truly blessed to be able to do this for a living and says that it never feels like work. “My work is my passion and I absolutely love what I do,” says Zane. “My couples mean so much to me, every single one of them and I treat them with respect and provide them with the attention they deserve. After all-it’s their wedding, once in a lifetime event, and my job it to make a video they will love and want to watch for years to come”