Summer is the best time for weddings and stunning visuals

April 19, 2022



With warm weather, golden sunsets and a feeling of freedom in the air, nothing beats a summer wedding. But it still pays to be fully prepared if it gets too hot, rains or other issues unfold unexpectedly. If you have planned your day well and have a plan B, you will be walking down the aisle without a care in the world. I’ve prepared the ultimate checklist to ensure your wedding goes as smoothly as possible.


Your Bridal Look

One reason summer weddings are the best is you can wear any style of dress and not worry about being cold. If you want to wear a strapless gown with a plunging neck or back, you will be comfortable and gorgeous. You can wear your hair down in loose summery waves or have an up-do for a more elegant look. Even in the evening, with a reception under the stars you are unlikely to feel chilly, especially if you do plenty of dancing. 


The Timing

A detailed timeline is key to a successful and stress-free wedding. Allow your photographer and videographer plenty of time to capture all the events, including getting ready, bridal party and couple portraits. Get many photos and videos in the evening when the party has kicked off. Your creative team should start at least two hours before the ceremony. Ideally they will stay one to two hours after the last formality. You can be confident of a great collection of visuals that tell the story of your day.


The Venue

Summer venues are just dreamy with the option of the beach, pretty gardens, rooftops and vineyards to say your “I dos.” Being outdoors for the ceremony makes for a gorgeous occasion where everyone is connected by love, nature and happiness. Outside receptions are also lovely with a soft breeze and lovely fairy lights, the mood is festive, light and airy.


Make sure your venue has a decent indoor backup in case of bad weather. They should understand what time any decision to move indoors would need to be made. We always find a way around a rainy day! Have a mindset that will keep your mood light and joyful in case it happens. Even if you did have the ceremony indoors, it’s very likely the weather could clear for wedding photos and video outdoors afterward. 



The Photos and Video

In summer, you can get gorgeous photos and video footage outdoors with the light we love so much. Summer brings longer daylight hours, so we can make the most of your venue by getting imagery in a range of locations. Many options are available before and after the wedding ceremony. The golden hour light is always exquisite. Every time we shoot a summer wedding, we wish we could have that dreamy light all year round. 



Wedding insurance is a good idea to safeguard you against any unforeseen circumstances. Also, we recommend hiring a great wedding planner, which is a kind of insurance in itself. We work with the best in the business and would be happy to recommend some of our favorites. Having a planner on site to help with  any potential issues before they happen and take care of unexpected details means you truly will be the stress-free summer newlyweds who are kissing in the sun and smiling all day long.


We hope this checklist has helped you realize a stress-free summer wedding is possible. It really is one of the best times of the year to get married and so many benefits if you are prepared for whatever summer might bring.