Choosing The Best Music For Your Wedding Film

April 27, 2022



The songs you select set the overall tone and mood of the wedding video. Whether it’s a romantic ballad, an upbeat pop song, or a classical piece, each song contributes to the atmosphere and enhances the emotional impact of the video.

Emotional lyrics and melodies can make these moments even more poignant and memorable.

Here is some information to consider before sending the song list to your wedding videographer. 


Wedding videographer capturing first dance

What’s included

Most packages include a wedding highlights video of the day that couples love to share online so friends and family can enjoy the replay. Then there is the long version that has the complete ceremony and speeches. You probably will watch the highlights a billion times and view the long version every wedding anniversary. For the shorter version, licensed music is needed if you plan to share it anywhere online, including social media and other video platforms. The extended version can feature any tunes since that is usually kept private. The licensed music is normally lovely instrumental background music. 


Here is a list of key songs.


  • Three slow and romantic songs for getting ready, portraits, the first look and the ceremony


  • Three faster, upbeat songs for cocktail hour, reception decor, entrance and dancing





Many of the reception songs will be the same ones that played as everyone shimmied. The first dance song will be the same one you used when you wowed your guests during your solo dance floor routine. This means your most-loved songs will be naturally woven into your wedding video. 


Check the lyrics

One tip is to check the lyrics of the songs you select. Song lyrics should ideally match the video footage in wedding videos to enhance the emotional impact and storytelling. Love songs are particularly important as they evoke feelings of romance, connection, and intimacy, complementing the visuals of the couple’s special moments


There will be plenty of natural audio from the day between these songs, such as conversations, laughter, reading letters, vows, speeches, and probably a few champagne pops. It will all come together in perfect harmony. 

When to send the music

If you can send me the music any time before the wedding day, it would be great. Then we can dive straight into the creative editing process and get that amazing video to you as soon as possible. I have created a youtube playlist of most popular songs I have used in the last few years. Hope you find it helpful: