Biggest wedding regrets for couples after the wedding is over.

February 11, 2018

You can’t go back in time

It’s no big surprise that couples have some budget regrets. Wedding Planning Survey found that one-third of recently married folks actually wish they spent more money on this one thing: A Videographer. 

Yep, 35 percent of couples admit that if they could do one thing over again, they’d go back and hire someone to film their wedding day. But if you heed the wisdom of the crowd, make sure you pick a choice videographer—25 percent of people who did hire videographers still wish they spent more money on the service. That’s something you rarely hear.

So there you have it: A picture’s worth a thousand words, but a smartly edited video is worth a much bigger slice of your wedding budget.

You will NEVER again wear that perfect gown that was so difficult to find and cost a large part of your budget. But with a wedding video, you could have watched herself, over and over, walking down the aisle, looking like you just stepped off the cover of Bride Magazine.

You will never again be able to create that unique piece of family history where relatives came together for a unique purpose. But with a wedding video, you could have shared your special day with family members who couldn’t be there…like your children and grandchildren.

You went to great lengths to plan and create a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime event that you can, now, scarcely remember. But with a wedding video, you would have been able to relive your most special day while being able to appreciate and enjoy all the beauty and pageantry that you worked so hard to create.

You can’t afford NOT to have a wedding video!

The Day Goes By So Quickly..

Whether your wedding is going to be a large and lavish affair or a small and intimate ceremony with just a few guests, it’s every bride and groom’s dream to have an amazing day that they can be able to look back on. Most brides and grooms remark that the day goes by very quickly. Wedding photos are very nice to have and to display on the mantelpiece but they don’t capture the day as vividly as a wedding video. Regardless of how fondly you remember it in your mind’s eye, there really is nothing quite like having a wedding video that lets you see the day from an outside perspective and truly savor it.

Not only will you appreciate seeing yourself and your spouse on video as you recite your vows, have your first dance, and cut your wedding cake but there will also be many emotional connections with people who attend the ceremony and the reception that may not be with you in a few years. Seeing fashions, hairstyles, listening to heartfelt speeches, and watching everyone dancing, and having a great time will be a priceless gift to you and to your children.

Today, memories are easier to preserve than ever. State-of-the-art videography equipment and cutting-edge technology and tools enable your wedding videographer to produce a video of extremely high quality that will last many years. The important memory of your wedding day can be captured in HD so that, unlike in the days of VHS, you will be able to see crystal clear quality ten, twenty, or even fifty years from now.

Luxury Add On: Same Day Edit Video

More and more couples choose to get a pro wedding videographer to take videos of their wedding. As the marriage video industry grows to accommodate this demand, the services that are being offered are getting increasingly personalized. The most recent trend in wedding videos is the same-day edit ( SDE ).

The same day edit is a short video, three to six minutes, taken of the preparations, ceremony, and romantic shots. Looking at the explanations why an SDE is becoming ever increasingly popular makes it glaringly obvious why each couple should get their wedding videographer to incorporate this in their wedding video package.

The fantastic thing about SDE videos is they are edited on your wedding day and can be screened at the reception.  The majority of the guests will never be in a position to see the wedding video once it is finished so an SDE is ideal for them to view everything that they missed out on during the day.

A well-put-together SDE will take all the highlights of the wedding day and provides a superb opportunity to entertain and delight your wedding guests that might or might not have been part of the ceremony. Can you imagine sitting down for dinner, on the most memorable day of your life, and as the first course is served the MC says a film screening will now take place? No-one has any idea what’s going to occur next, the lights are dimmed, the music starts and the bride suddenly appears getting her makeup done, the moving images of the entire day’s events are then relived larger than life on the big screen.

Your family and guests are certain to be, not only impressed but overjoyed at seeing highlights of the wedding day and catching a glimpse of themselves from a video-only taken a few hours earlier. This gives the bride and grooms a chance to see themselves with all of the emotion, nerves, and merriment that is always part of the wedding ceremony. It is priceless to watch the reaction of the bride and groom as they view the SDE.

Only the most professional wedding videographers will be in a position to make an SDE that’s able to awe your visitors and family. Making a pro SDE requires outstanding organizational skills as well as the ability to work under tons of pressure.  After all making wedding videos is not just a matter of pressing a button, it is all about being able to capture the feelings of the day and presenting them on the video to delight you for years yet to come.